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19.04.2014, Saturday
AriesAries: If you have had a bit of a grim start to the week you can finally breathe a sigh of relief today, because things should improve drastically, thanks to a couple of aspects. Any problems at work or school should fade completely by lunchtime, leaving you feeling more relaxed and ready for some fun this evening.
Your lucky number for today is 21.
TaurusTaurus: It is likely that your thoughts will turn to friendships in general today, especially if youíre faced with the same old choices yet again. For someone who doesnít like change youíre going to feel a little bit adventurous and the saying that a change is as good as a holiday has never been truer for you!
Your lucky number for today is 2.
GeminiGemini: The challenging aspect from the moon will shift by lunchtime, which should ease any potential tensions in your relationships. However, while Neptune might be making you feel slightly restless that pesky aspect from Mars is still there, so no comfort shopping for a few days yet!
Your lucky number for today is 27.
CancerCancer: Prepare yourself for various distractions today: they will be pleasant ones that could guide you towards new interests and hobbies (and new friends too) but they will be distractions. Staying focused will seem quite hard today, especially when youíre not in the mood for work or school.
Your lucky number for today is 23.
LeoLeo: Itís more than likely that youíll be longing for a little more zest and zing in your life at the moment, but Saturnís continuing firm grip will keep you working hard. So if it seems like everything you want is just out of reach just hang in there, because this will pass within a few days.
Your lucky number for today is 19.
VirgoVirgo: With Venus in your seventh house romance shouldnít pose too many problems, as long as you remember to be a little flexible. The placements of both Saturn and Mercury mean that you want to delve deep, but youíll need to back off and give someone some space today.
Your lucky number for today is 30.
LibraLibra: It will be a strange day; on one hand youíll be particularly sensitive today and will be perceptive to any undercurrents at work or school. On the other hand youíll be in the mood for some intimacy and excitement too! So come the evening forget work or school and settle down with someone special!
Your lucky number for today is 10.
ScorpioScorpio: You will find that youíre concentrating on work or school at the moment, as your social life is put on the back burner. However, a bit of company and some fun is long overdue now, so take your friends bowling or out for a movie and make the most of the evening.
Your lucky number for today is 21.
SagittariusSagittarius: A very positive aspect between your ruling planet and the moon means that your financial situation will drastically improve today. However, you could become a little bit too preoccupied with material gain, so take a little time out to appreciate the finer things in life that donít have a price tag!
Your lucky number for today is 17.
CapricornCapricorn: You might find that your schedule has become a little stagnant lately and that youíre walking through treacle. To counteract this feeling let a couple of friends drag you to the mall. Even if you donít buy anything at least it will create a welcome diversion from the normal routine!
Your lucky number for today is 28.
AquariusAquarius: You are more than likely to feel the need for some personal space today, especially in terms of romance. Whether youíre single or attached youíll prefer your own company. You donít like your sense of freedom being eroded, so if youíre feeling that someone is being too controlling try talking it through with them.
Your lucky number for today is 8.
PiscesPisces: While you are clearly doing well at work or school, you might feel as though youíre coping alone with a crisis of confidence. But donít worry; youíll soon appreciate your own worth when a friend in need comes to you for comfort, because you will realize just how valued you really are.
Your lucky number for today is 4.