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30.04.2016, Saturday
AriesAries: A trio of trine aspects guarantees an emotional day for many of the signs, and certainly for you. For you this is likely to impact on how others see you, because today you’re going to be a source of inspiration for someone, which will leave you feeling on top of the world!
Your lucky number for today is 14.
TaurusTaurus: An uneasy aspect from Jupiter indicates a few hiccups in matters of the heart today whether you’re single or attached! The way forward though is to talk things through, either with a close and trusted friend, or with your partner. That way, the break- through you need will come more easily!
Your lucky number for today is 24.
GeminiGemini: It will be a positively glowing day for you, since you’ll be able to build on the positive romantic developments from yesterday. A couple of beneficial aspects will move things forward; relationships for attached Geminis will gear up a notch, while singles are likely to meet someone very much to their liking.
Your lucky number for today is 5.
CancerCancer: The need to make the most of the day is likely to kick in from the moment you wake up. If the weather allows suggest a picnic to a couple of friends; the perfect location would be by a lake or on the coast. Romance is looking favorable too, so if you can spend the day with someone special so much the better!
Your lucky number for today is 16.
LeoLeo: You are likely to be feeling more vulnerable today, and you’ll be inclined to take the normal jokes and quips that you’d usually laugh off too much to heart. However, an exciting opportunity or prospect will become clear today, which should improve your mood drastically, so stay alert today, Leo.
Your lucky number for today is 26.
VirgoVirgo: A positive aspect from the moon guarantees a return of your famed common sense and will also put you in a very sociable mood. So if the day starts a little too slowly for your liking, don’t worry, because the pace will change and you’ll be the life and soul of the party!
Your lucky number for today is 22.
LibraLibra: Be careful with your cash today and avoid any impulsive purchases, because a minor but frustrating aspect from Jupiter suggests that you could regret any splurges. Keep yourself away from the mall and spend the day with your close friends instead. You’ll be glad you did!
Your lucky number for today is 18.
ScorpioScorpio: The positive aspect of Mercury stays with you today, which is just as well because it looks like you have some major sorting out to do! The planetary positions suggest that you need to redress the balance in your life. Areas that you may have neglected, such as important relationships, need to be revived!
Your lucky number for today is 14.
SagittariusSagittarius: Sagittarians should brace themselves for a little friction today, most likely at home, since it is likely that a family member will upset your plans for the day. Stay calm, because you will be able to overcome whatever obstacle gets in your way with a little bit of creative thinking.
Your lucky number for today is 10.
CapricornCapricorn: Silly little mishaps are likely to set the tone for the day, thanks to a minor but negative influence from the moon. You are likely to want some space for yourself, but other people will have other ideas and will probably demand a lot of your time! Ride it out, because tomorrow will be a much better day!
Your lucky number for today is 20.
AquariusAquarius: Unfortunately, thanks to the moon it will be a day for being responsible and serious. Money matters are looking a little frayed today, although a family member could offer a helping hand! On top of that any outstanding chores that you might have forgotten or ignored will need tending today!
Your lucky number for today is 16.
PiscesPisces: If you have a nagging need to reorganize or redecorate your room or your environment then do so. The urge to refine your surroundings is thanks to the positive trio of aspects, so look for inspiration around you to make your place beautiful and offer the harmony you’re looking for.
Your lucky number for today is 12.