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26.07.2014, Saturday
AriesAries: Some midweek romance is likely to liven up your day today, and it will be just when you least expect it! Make sure youíre looking your best, because you never know when Cupidís arrow might strike. Just be prepared for some interesting improvements as the day develops!
Your lucky number for today is 27.
TaurusTaurus: Donít be a martyr today! A work colleague or school friend may need your help at work or school, but donít feel pressured into taking all of their worries onto your shoulders. However much you want to solve their problems sometimes you need to take a step back, like today!
Your lucky number for today is 7.
GeminiGemini: Normally itís a great trait to be able to reach for the stars; life is for living and dreams are for those who live their lives to the full, but today youíll need to hold back! Unrealistic aims or impractical plans will only lead to disappointment Ė listen to some down to earth advice today!
Your lucky number for today is 18.
CancerCancer: In a similar way to Geminiís day youíll need to tone it down a little today, only in your case itís a lack of confidence that will get you behaving in an unpredictable manner. Keep a piece of hematite to absorb those negative vibes and do some relaxing breathing exercises to calm your nerves.
Your lucky number for today is 29.
LeoLeo: In contrast to yesterday youíll be back to your normal Leonine self and on the go again today. This might come as a relief to you but watch out for tactless or thoughtless behavior, especially at home. You may think youíre in the right, but youíll need to moderate your views!
Your lucky number for today is 10.
VirgoVirgo: Itís more than possible that your plans for the day will be disrupted one way or another. The fact that youíll be unusually unfocused wonít help either. Keep a piece of clear quartz with you to help you refocus your energies Ė the aspect causing this will thankfully shift after tomorrow!
Your lucky number for today is 20.
LibraLibra: If it seems that the emphasis is a little too much on the old duties and responsibilities today then take heart. The challenging aspect making you feel low will fade late this afternoon, but in the meantime a piece of citrine will help keep things in perspective, and a fun evening will lift your mood no end!
Your lucky number for today is 16.
ScorpioScorpio: Unusually for such a dynamic sign youíre likely to be a little narrow in your field of vision today, thanks to a surge of ambition, courtesy of the moon. Youíll be driven by the need for success or achievement, but taking some time out to enjoy the lighter things in life will provide the break you need!
Your lucky number for today is 12.
SagittariusSagittarius: Your cash flow is likely to need some careful handling today, so if you can stay away from the mall. However, your sheer optimism will keep you going and youíll be able to rely on a couple of lively friends to provide a fun evening that wonít break the bank!
Your lucky number for today is 23.
CapricornCapricorn: A couple of conflicting aspects could put you in rather an aloof mood today, which could unintentionally distance your nearest and dearest. If you feel the need for some space just gently explain to your friends and then curl up with a good book or your favorite film; tomorrow will be better!
Your lucky number for today is 18.
AquariusAquarius: Money will absorb your thoughts today, as you may think up a money making scheme to boost your budget but there will be the temptation to spend it as soon as you make it. If youíve been bitten by the home improvement bug and want to make over your room try using some dramatic accessories that wonít break the bank.
Your lucky number for today is 14.
PiscesPisces: You have three trines influencing the water signs, which while they suggest harmony, also hint at wasted or missed opportunities. So be receptive to unexpected invitations, but be extra attentive in terms of school or work or your general ambition. Great things are waiting.
Your lucky number for today is 25.