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04.12.2016, Sunday
AriesAries: The planets are speaking loud and clear: listen to your inner voice! Your intuition will be on top form, which means that youíll be one step ahead of your colleagues and peers today. By all means take advantage of this, but donít ride rough-shod over anyone, Aries!
Your lucky number for today is 5.
TaurusTaurus: You could feel as though youíre stuck in a bit of a rut today, and being Monday wonít help either! To chase away the blues carry a piece of bloodstone and avoid the clothes shops at the mall at all costs Ė there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something that you really want!
Your lucky number for today is 16.
GeminiGemini: With the moon in your sign opposing the sun youíre likely to find that someone is making too many demands on your time. This is likely to make you more hemmed in than usual, but by taking a humorous and yet flexible approach youíll be able to make your point without upsetting the applecart!
Your lucky number for today is 11.
CancerCancer: The various influences affecting the moon recently have been playing havoc with your mood; today youíre likely to feel restless and aimless, and in need of a change! The crystal hematite might help, but doing something that breaks your daily routine will work wonders!
Your lucky number for today is 7.
LeoLeo: You are likely to be in quite a flighty mood today, thanks to the influence of Uranus, but this could be turned to your advantage, Leo. A definite innovative quality means that youíll be able to recognize workable solutions for an old-standing problem thatís been bugging you and your friends for some time.
Your lucky number for today is 18.
VirgoVirgo: Todayís planetary influences are likely to put you in an uncharacteristically weird and wacky mood, which means that your sense of style will be out there! While you may have some great ideas for a couple of vibrant outfits you probably wonít want to wear them again once the planets shift!
Your lucky number for today is 13.
LibraLibra: If your colleagues or peers seem a little less efficient than usual then you should blame the planets! You could find that you need to go that extra mile in terms of school or work today, but your extra efforts will be noticed and you will reap a welcome reward for your troubles.
Your lucky number for today is 24.
ScorpioScorpio: You are likely to be regarded as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud today. You might not feel very adventurous and confident, thanks to the sun/moon aspect, but be prepared to branch out a little today, Scorpio, because thereís a hidden creative streak just waiting to be realized!
Your lucky number for today is 5.
SagittariusSagittarius: The moon in Gemini is having a significant impact on a couple of signs; in your case it is likely to have you blowing hot and cold in terms of romance! One minute youíll want hugs and cuddles, the next youíll be in need of space! A piece of blue agate or rose quartz will even out your mood!
Your lucky number for today is 16.
CapricornCapricorn: Like Sagittarius youíll have difficulty striking the right balance today, especially in terms of work or school, which means youíre likely to be accommodating one minute, and rather brusque the next, which could give rise to a sharp rebuke from your mates or colleagues!
Your lucky number for today is 12.
AquariusAquarius: With both the sun and the moon negatively affecting your ruling planet you could be in for a tricky day. Youíre likely to be uncharacteristically fussy and a little hard to please, especially with your friends. A visit to the mall wonít yield brilliant results, but it will provide the thinking space that youíll need.
Your lucky number for today is 22.
PiscesPisces: Thanks to a positive influence from the moon today should prove to be a great improvement on yesterday, in that youíll feel more appreciated for your efforts. If you felt you were on the wrong path yesterday then today you should feel convinced that youíre actually on the right track!
Your lucky number for today is 18.