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19.09.2014, Friday
AriesAries: It should be a fairly relaxed day. However, someone rather aloof and enigmatic is likely to catch your eye. Be careful though, you are likely to be impulsive and excitable today; try and keep calm so you can see which way the land lies before you reveal your feelings.
Your lucky number for today is 8.
TaurusTaurus: If mental confusion overtakes you today then blame it on the influence of Neptune. However, the effect of this is likely to impact on your performance at work or school. Keeping a piece of clear quartz near you will help to counteract your scatty thoughts and help you focus.
Your lucky number for today is 4.
GeminiGemini: Youíll be feeling vibrant and energized today, thanks to the influence of Mercury on your ruling planet. However, there might be an inclination towards quarrels with friends or family as the need to stand up for yourself kicks in. Try combating this with some calming influences, such as chamomile tea or with crystal therapy.
Your lucky number for today is 15.
CancerCancer: Itís likely that boredom and restlessness will kick in today, but you can do something to ease the day. Break up the humdrum routine of work or school by planning a trip to the mall to buy something glamorous, whether itís an outfit or just some stunning accessories.
Your lucky number for today is 26.
LeoLeo: If you find that youíre feeling restless today then blame it on the planets and channel your dissatisfaction into something positive. Doing something that is unusual and challenging will help restore what you feel is missing from your life: excitement and stimulation.
Your lucky number for today is 21.
VirgoVirgo: You will feel the effects of your ruling planet in Libra when money issues take center stage today: thereís a danger that you could become a little too cash focused in your attempt to gain more. However it looks like youíll get what you want; although thereís a risk youíll upset a couple of people.
Your lucky number for today is 2.
LibraLibra: It is looking like itís going to be a demanding day for you, with the focus on stress at work or school thanks to the influence of Neptune, which will make you ultra sensitive to other people. However, someone nearby will be able to offer a shoulder to lean on, which will turn out to be a real blessing!
Your lucky number for today is 13.
ScorpioScorpio: Your role as an effective leader might be called upon today, but donít let the power go to your head! Friendships will very much be the focus for your day, as will your need to be helpful but make sure you reserve some time just for fun, or you could get bogged down.
Your lucky number for today is 23.
SagittariusSagittarius: If you find that your romantic plans seem to go wrong and that you canít seem to say anything right then donít worry. A close friend or family will be around to talk you through whatever the problem is. You might find that youíve been a little too generous and understanding!
Your lucky number for today is 19.
CapricornCapricorn: A certain frame of mind that will govern your actions today will be primarily thanks to the influence of Mars! Youíll be ready to top everyone else at work or school as your ambitions kick into overdrive, and in terms of romance you wonít settle for second best.
Your lucky number for today is 30.
AquariusAquarius: Something at work or school will almost certainly distract you too much today. Turning your numerous talents to some creative outlet will almost definitely turn your mood around and help you get things back in perspective. Embarking on a joint venture with a friend will make it more fun too.
Your lucky number for today is 26.
PiscesPisces: A school mate or work colleague is likely to make you sit back and think about the more important things in life. Itís possible that youíre starting to feel dissatisfied with your love life: you want more, but someone isnít playing ball. Talk things over with a trusted friend to help put things back into perspective.
Your lucky number for today is 7.