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05.05.2015, Tuesday
AriesAries: With Mercury moving into Taurus, and into your second house of money today you are likely to cultivate a much more sensible approach to money. Opening a regular savings account, if you donít already have one, will give you the security that youíre seeking right now.
Your lucky number for today is 12.
TaurusTaurus: With Mercury moving into your sign today youíll find that youíre likely to become that little bit more cautious, but also youíll be inclined to being more expressive. Youíll find comfort in the more traditional things in life, but you wonít want to feel tied down. Itís all a bit confusing, but ultimately useful!
Your lucky number for today is 22.
GeminiGemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into Taurus today, which will have quite an impact on your mood. Itís likely to nurture your softer side and your imaginative juices will be positively flowing. Youíll also find that youíre able to rely more on your instinct as well!
Your lucky number for today is 3.
CancerCancer: The transit of Mercury into your eleventh house bodes well for friendships; even though you are quite a shy sign youíll be chattier and less bashful in social situations. On top of that the negative aspect between the sun and the moon disappears today, relieving the pressure on your finances.
Your lucky number for today is 14.
LeoLeo: With Mercury moving into your tenth house work or school is likely to absorb more of your energy. While this may be generally good youíll need to watch for a reluctance to take chances or rise to any challenges. For a bold and usually confident sign like you this is probably not the best news, but this phase will pass.
Your lucky number for today is 10.
VirgoVirgo: Unfortunately, the couple of negative aspects affecting you yesterday will stay with you today. However, the transit of Mercury, your ruling planet, will give you that little lift you need. Travel, short breaks, and even holidays bode well for you for the next few weeks.
Your lucky number for today is 5.
LibraLibra: With a minor but positive aspect between Mercury and your ruling planet youíre likely to be concentrating almost entirely on matters of the heart whether youíre single or attached. However, the planetary positions suggest that other areas of your life could do with some attention too!
Your lucky number for today is 1.
ScorpioScorpio: A positive aspect between your ruling planet and Mercury, which will move into your seventh house today, will improve your love life! Youíll be more keen to share ideas with your partner, while singles will prefer more traditional dates: cozy candlelit dinners for two and slow dancing!
Your lucky number for today is 27.
SagittariusSagittarius: If you suddenly feel a need to get healthy and fit you should blame (or thank) the transit of Mercury. Youíll prefer to opt for the good old-fashioned methods rather than the faddy diets and regimes from the many magazines: regular exercise and a healthy diet will make you feel great about yourself.
Your lucky number for today is 8.
CapricornCapricorn: There is a silver lining to this particular cloud, which is while the negative aspect from Mercury might be making you feel as though youíre in a rut, the actual transit of Mercury suggests that you can generate an overall positive outlook on life. Try taking up new interests that appeal to your creative side.
Your lucky number for today is 18.
AquariusAquarius: Mercury moves out of your communication house and into your family house today. Generally youíre regarded as the quirky sign that is unafraid to try anything new, but the influence of Mercury is likely to introduce a little tradition into your home- life, which means that whatever else happens, youíll always find comfort in your family.
Your lucky number for today is 14.
PiscesPisces: With Mercury moving into your communication house youíll find that youíre able to think that little bit more quickly than usual. Youíll also be generally witty and good to be around, so make the most of this phase; go to parties, go out, socialize and have lots of fun!
Your lucky number for today is 25.