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27.04.2015, Monday
AriesAries: After a few days of feeling thoughtful today will bring back your usual feisty approach to the world. Someone has been less than friendly lately and may have been interfering with a romance or close relationship. Today is the day to broach this with them and let them know that it needs to stop.
Your lucky number for today is 10.
TaurusTaurus: Sensuality seems to be the word of day for all you lucky Taureans. The Moon is in a very positive aspect to the Sun and this is stepping up your romantic feelings a gear or three! Keep the evening clear and invest in some sensual oil and candles as tonight could be extremely memorable.
Your lucky number for today is 21.
GeminiGemini: To refer to those born under the sign of Gemini as a bit chatty is a major understatement. Today you will be tempted to engage is some major gossiping with your friends. However you need to be careful about what you reveal. There is a danger that a poorly thought out exchange could lead to some upset later in the day.
Your lucky number for today is 2.
CancerCancer: With your ruling planet in conjunction with the Sun today you will start the day feeling supremely confident. Make the most of this feeling and use it to establish some clear ground rules with a loved one or family member who may have been taking you for granted in recent weeks.
Your lucky number for today is 12.
LeoLeo: We all know that the lion is the king of the jungle, but over the last few days someone has been trying to steal your crown. The planetary influences are forcing matters to a head so now is the time to take back your rightful place at the center of things. Your friends will be very glad to have the real you back again!
Your lucky number for today is 23.
VirgoVirgo: After yesterday’s challenges you will feel like rewarding yourself. Travel is very well aspected for you today and your finances are looking up. Take some time this afternoon to look into the possibility of a short break. The rest will do you good and there may be an interesting meeting as an unexpected bonus.
Your lucky number for today is 4.
LibraLibra: Your friends all appreciate your calm and balanced approach to conflicts and today they will be looking to you for advice on a particularly involved problem. Feel free to provide your level headed opinion, but do make sure that you keep some time for yourself as you deserve a spot of pampering this evening.
Your lucky number for today is 15.
ScorpioScorpio: An unexpected phone call may well bring some exciting news today. There is an opportunity for you to change career or to make some extra pocket money doing something that really appeals. Your friends may well be more than a little envious but you should just go for it!
Your lucky number for today is 10.
SagittariusSagittarius: Someone somewhere really likes you, but they are far too shy to let you know. They may have confided in a mutual friend so be ready for some surprising news. However, today is not the day to act on this secret crush as there are pesky planetary influences that could easily lead to some embarrassing misunderstandings!
Your lucky number for today is 6.
CapricornCapricorn: Your ruling planet is causing you some difficulties today so try and take it easy if at all possible. You may well be feeling a little under the weather and there may be some less than pleasing news arriving in the mail. Things will improve in a few days and the best thing to do is to try and see the opportunities hidden within the obstacles that you are facing.
Your lucky number for today is 17.
AquariusAquarius: If you have been making plans to do with your work or school over the last few weeks today is the ideal time to put them into practice. Planetary influences mean that everything will go smoothly and you could achieve things that you thought were probably never actually going to happen.
Your lucky number for today is 13.
PiscesPisces: As a Pisces you are skilled at adapting to any changes that come your way. You are probably in the mood for a quiet evening today, but something will happen around lunchtime that will change all that. Make sure that you have something glamorous ready to wear as you will need it later!
Your lucky number for today is 23.