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25.05.2016, Wednesday
AriesAries: Thankfully you lose a couple of those minor, but annoying aspects that have stopped life being as sweet as it could. So things should seem to run that little bit smoother today. However, in terms of romance your flirty behavior is likely to send out mixed signals to someone.
Your lucky number for today is 19.
TaurusTaurus: Youíll be in a very passionate mood today, thanks to Pluto, but the enduring negative influence of Mars is likely to make you appear a little reckless and a little short with people. Youíll need to draw on all your reserves of tact to keep things sweet, and a piece of rose quartz might help too.
Your lucky number for today is 29.
GeminiGemini: By mid-morning two very irritating and obstructive aspects that have been playing havoc with both money and friendships will disappear today. It goes without saying that today will be a vast improvement on yesterday. Donít hit the mall just yet, but do arrange a fun evening out with friends!
Your lucky number for today is 25.
CancerCancer: Thanks to a challenging aspect from Saturn you are likely to be troubled with money matters today. However, thereís nothing to suggest that you need to worry, but dwelling on this too much will make a potentially enjoyable day rather miserable, so clear out those negative thoughts and concentrate on boosting your mood.
Your lucky number for today is 6.
LeoLeo: At long last the obstructive influence of Mercury shifts today, leaving you more clear-headed and more inclined to hear whatís being said! A couple of positive influences suggest that your ability to be hugely sympathetic will be called upon today when a friend in distress just wants to talk.
Your lucky number for today is 17.
VirgoVirgo: The two troublesome aspects putting strain on your relationships in general will disappear today, making life so much easier. Youíll be able to rely on your friends if someone is still putting you on the spot, and if a dilemma in your love life becomes apparent youíll be able to turn to them again.
Your lucky number for today is 27.
LibraLibra: A couple of powerful planets, Pluto and Mars, will exert their influence today, putting you in a bit of a fighting mood, especially at work or school. Unusually for you youíll be less inclined to keep the peace, but a gentle infusion of calming chamomile tea will help you address things calmly.
Your lucky number for today is 8.
ScorpioScorpio: The softening influence of Venus will continue to keep your mood mellow to the point where close friends will wonder whatís wrong, especially when you adopt the traits of a typical Libra and turn peace-maker! Relationships, particularly romantic ones, continue to look favorable. All in all, a great day!
Your lucky number for today is 19.
SagittariusSagittarius: Youíve had a slightly raw deal from the planets recently, but the good news is that this will ease, although not until late tonight. However, for today the indecisiveness of yesterday will continue to slow you down and frustrate you a little. Keep carrying the clear quartz and be assured that tomorrow is a much better day!
Your lucky number for today is 30.
CapricornCapricorn: The negative influence of the moon will shift this morning, enabling you to have quite a fun day. Again, slightly too much emphasis on work or school, albeit a positive one, but with certain burdens lifting you should be able to take up an unexpected invitation out tonight!
Your lucky number for today is 25.
AquariusAquarius: A scatterbrained and dizzy mood is likely to overtake you today, thanks primarily to the influence of Mercury. The problem is that you will need to slow down and relax today. A tendency to take on too much will come from an excess of confidence! A piece of amethyst will help supply the clarity you need today!
Your lucky number for today is 21.
PiscesPisces: It looks as though youíll be on a learning curve today, whether youíre working or at school, because someone, an older figure or a well liked teacher, will get you to see something in a different light. This change of opinion could even be about you! Be prepared for an illuminating day, Pisces!
Your lucky number for today is 2.