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26.11.2015, Thursday
AriesAries: The zodiac is buzzing with Fire energy today and as a Fire sign yourself you will be feeling this vibrant power running through you. This is a great day for you to make some significant progress on any major work or chores that you have been putting off; by the evening you will feel very pleased with yourself!
Your lucky number for today is 15.
TaurusTaurus: You may have work or school tomorrow, but today you can still enjoy yourself and make the most of the rest of the weekend. The impact of your ruling planet Venus will be putting you in a very emotional mood today. You should indulge yourself by watching some of your favorite romantic films.
Your lucky number for today is 11.
GeminiGemini: Sensuality is the key word for you today and it promises to be a day to enjoy! If you are single you should treat yourself to a lovely aromatherapy bath and maybe even a therapeutic massage. If you are in a relationship you will be able to simply lie back and allow yourself to be pampered.
Your lucky number for today is 7.
CancerCancer: Today will see you surprising your friends with both your enthusiasm and your passion about matters that are close to your heart. The planets are encouraging you to stand up for those principles that inspire you and you will have the communication skills to be very persuasive.
Your lucky number for today is 3.
LeoLeo: You will be back to your outgoing and confident self today and will be keen to make the most of your positive energy. Your friends are likely to be in the mood for simply relaxing quietly, but your contagious enthusiasm will soon have everyone agreeing to hit the town in the evening.
Your lucky number for today is 13.
VirgoVirgo: As a rule, those born under the sign of Virgo have a great fondness for order and organization. The energies today will be encouraging you to spend some time organizing your living environment. This sort of activity is the sort of thing you love so you should have a thoroughly enjoyable day!
Your lucky number for today is 24.
LibraLibra: Although you donít usually like to take risks in life today is an ideal time to take a chance especially in the area of romance. The combined influence of Mercury and Venus will enable you to be extremely charming and this means that today could bring a fresh twinkle to your eye!
Your lucky number for today is 5.
ScorpioScorpio: Your ruling planet Mars will be providing you with a real confidence boost today and this will keep you happy and full of a real sense of purpose throughout the day. Someone close to you will need some advice today regarding their career and you will be ideally placed to help them out.
Your lucky number for today is 16.
SagittariusSagittarius: Confusion may be reigning today on a number of fronts, but there is no need for despair as this should only be a temporary state of affairs. However, if you are traveling anywhere today you will need to make sure that you double check your route as there is a real danger of getting lost!
Your lucky number for today is 11.
CapricornCapricorn: You have a big decision to make today and it will be very important that you donít rush into anything. The influence of the planets will tempt you to try and work out the right approach for yourself. However, the best approach will be to ask a number of your most trusted friends for their assistance.
Your lucky number for today is 7.
AquariusAquarius: You will be drawn to engaging in some form of voluntary activity today as the influence of the Moon and Chiron continues to make itself felt. As an added bonus there is a good possibility that the day may also bring with it a romantic meeting that could lead to a blossoming relationship.
Your lucky number for today is 18.
PiscesPisces: It is always easy to be wise after the event, but today you have the opportunity to be wise in advance of any dangers. As a Pisces you are traditionally the wisest sign of the zodiac. Today the planetary influences are working to heighten your intuition to a very high level and this will prove very valuable before the day is out.
Your lucky number for today is 13.