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28.02.2015, Saturday
AriesAries: Flexibility, when it comes to relationships, is not one of your strongest points but it will definitely be required today. There is a strong possibility that some of your close friends will get stressed out today and you will be called upon to be the voice of reason.
Your lucky number for today is 18.
TaurusTaurus: It will be a packed day for you today; you will probably want to go shopping for a new outfit, since today you will be feeling the need to find yourself a new image. It is likely that this need comes from a lack of confidence, which you should try and deal with by being listening to those positive things your friends say about you.
Your lucky number for today is 14.
GeminiGemini: Thanks to a positive aspect between the moon and your ruling planet you値l be feeling eager to get into the office or school, but not to apply yourself! You値l be in a very sociable mood and keen to spend time with people, but the moon is making you ultra sensitive today, so make sure you plan a fun evening!
Your lucky number for today is 9.
CancerCancer: It might be an emotionally challenging day for you, especially in terms of romance or friendships. Thanks to a number of aspects influencing your ruling planet you値l be feeling hyper- sensitive and while you won稚 have a bad day you are likely to be affected by anyone who is!
Your lucky number for today is 5.
LeoLeo: The need to do what you want to do is likely to cause a minor clash with someone today, especially with school mates or work colleagues. Try to see the wider picture, Leo, and if you can appreciate other people痴 views you will find that things run much more smoothly.
Your lucky number for today is 16.
VirgoVirgo: The moon is making a lot of people very sensitive and a little over emotional today, and thanks to your ruling planet you値l be just the same. Expect a misunderstanding over a romantic matter, but remind yourself not to overreact. The moon痴 influence will ease by tomorrow!
Your lucky number for today is 26.
LibraLibra: You will be turning a lot of heads today as you will be radiating a certain something. Take some time out at lunch time to go shopping with some friends as you have great taste right now. In the evening things will continue to go well with an unexpected romantic development.
Your lucky number for today is 7.
ScorpioScorpio: Scorpio is a water sign; water represents the emotions, and today the balance of the elements favors water! However, the influence of Pluto is likely to compensate a little. On the outside you値l be a tough-cookie, but on the inside you値l be a pussy-cat! So if you do feel a little confused today, blame it on the planets!
Your lucky number for today is 18.
SagittariusSagittarius: Thanks to your ruling planet the influence of the moon will be somewhat reduced and you値l be on top form today. You値l be looking to spend as much time around other people as possible and you will find that your sunny nature is just what people need right now.
Your lucky number for today is 29.
CapricornCapricorn: Tonight is very definitely the night for romance for you Capricorn! The powerful impact of Venus in your sign and its positive relationship to Mercury right now means that you really do have the magic touch today. You should find that the most romantic lines come easily to you today, so make the most of it and get out there ready to impress.
Your lucky number for today is 24.
AquariusAquarius: You will be going back to your deep Aquarian roots today as the influence of Chiron brings out the compassionate side of your personality. By a fortunate coincidence it is likely that a close friend will be having a tough relationship day today. You have the wisdom and compassion to find just the right words to make it all seem better.
Your lucky number for today is 20.
PiscesPisces: As a Water sign you can have a tendency to keep your feelings to yourself, especially when there is a chance that someone else may feel hurt as a result of what you might want to say. The conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in your sign means that today you really should allow yourself to give vent to your feelings. There are some underlying insecurities that can only be dealt with properly if you share them.
Your lucky number for today is 1.