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01.10.2014, Wednesday
AriesAries: If yesterday was all about emotions for you, today is a much more externally focused day and as a result a lot more fun! An unexpected invitation will help you forget about any worries you might have right now. You will have the chance to spend the day getting your natural optimism back again!
Your lucky number for today is 11.
TaurusTaurus: You may well have a very relaxed day in mind, but be prepared to have your plans changed at the last minute. Someone very close to you is planning a very different Sunday for you that looks set to be extremely romantic and intimate. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!
Your lucky number for today is 22.
GeminiGemini: It looks like it has been a while since you spent some quality time with your relatives and today is set to put that right. There may even be an opportunity to meet up with family members who you havenít seen for years. Children are also highlighted today so make sure you have plenty of energy, and patience!
Your lucky number for today is 17.
CancerCancer: Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest for many people and it looks like the planets feel you are definitely in need of an easy, relaxed day. You may find yourself feeling more than a little nostalgic as the day progresses. Itís a great day to lounge on the couch flicking through your old photo albums.
Your lucky number for today is 28.
LeoLeo: Your mind continues to be focused on a desire to explore today. While travel is still very well aspected you may also find that you should visit particular places that have a special meaning for you. There is a possibility that in doing so you will also have a chance meeting that proves extremely exciting!
Your lucky number for today is 24.
VirgoVirgo: Planetary movements indicate that there are major lifestyle changes heading your way in the next month or so. These shifts look as though they will be broadly positive but there is also a need to ensure that you have your finances organized in order to avoid any complications later.
Your lucky number for today is 20.
LibraLibra: By nature you are a genuinely modest individual, although you do love your fashion, you could never be accused of being arrogant. Today will bring a realization of just how much you have to offer to those around you. This much needed boost to your sense of personal value should be the start of a great day!
Your lucky number for today is 30.
ScorpioScorpio: By the time today is over you will probably be breathing a huge sigh of relief. There are a number of things that you really need to clear up with someone close to you that you have been avoiding raising for fear of the reaction. You have nothing to worry about so just get it off your chest and you will feel much better.
Your lucky number for today is 26.
SagittariusSagittarius: It looks like you will be in a mischievous mood today, which means that your friends will need to keep their eyes on you! You are a lover of practical jokes and pranks galore and the planets are conspiring with you to make sure that you are on top form today. Luckily, your friends will all take it as a joke!
Your lucky number for today is 22.
CapricornCapricorn: All people born under the sign of the Goat have a great love of status and position. Today you are in more need than usual of having your place in the order of things recognized by those around you. This should not be difficult as you are in sparkling form throughout the day!
Your lucky number for today is 18.
AquariusAquarius: You may be rather disappointed today as nobody around you seems to be quite on the same wavelength as you. While you are in a very philosophical mood, full of deep questions about the nature of life and existence everyone else seems to want to chat about much more mundane issues.
Your lucky number for today is 28.
PiscesPisces: Planetary influences are pushing you towards a large scale review of your position in life and your future goals. This is especially true of your emotional life as you have some key decisions to make in this area. A very good friend will be able to offer some wise words later on in the day.
Your lucky number for today is 24.