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30.10.2014, Thursday
AriesAries: You should start feeling the definite benefits of Neptune no longer moving backwards. This bodes well for friendships, strengthening the ones that are already established, and forging new ones. Don’t be surprised if someone new and quiet walks into your life today.
Your lucky number for today is 2.
TaurusTaurus: Watch the cash flow today; a minor but frustrating influence from Pluto indicates a need to err on the side of caution when it comes to parting with your money. Make sure that you’ve double-checked your bills so that there aren’t any unexpected and unwanted surprises.
Your lucky number for today is 13.
GeminiGemini: If you’re still recovering from what looked to be a demanding weekend then take a deep breath, Gemini, because today is likely to be quite chaotic, but in a pleasant way. Matters of the heart should go a long way to improve the day, so make sure that you’re looking great!
Your lucky number for today is 9.
CancerCancer: Neptune is no longer moving backwards and is also casting a positive influence on the moon, so you should find that you receive help or support from unexpected quarters today, especially when it comes to money related issues. Even so, it would be best to spend as little as you possibly can today!
Your lucky number for today is 4.
LeoLeo: You might get the feeling that something, or someone, is holding you back today. A particular formation between the planets is creating some temporary but challenging moments. For you the tendency to overly worry will make things seem worse than they are. A piece of citrine will help a lot today!
Your lucky number for today is 15.
VirgoVirgo: Communications could go haywire today, but think silver linings, Virgo, because in the process of these irritating mistakes you are likely to learn something to your advantage! However, make sure that you double check times, dates, and venues of any arrangements you make today.
Your lucky number for today is 26.
LibraLibra: A hesitant or overly serious friend is likely to test your patience today with some advice that you’re really not interested in listening to. You might be tempted to throw caution to the wind and do things your own sweet way, but you’d do well to heed your friend, Libra!
Your lucky number for today is 21.
ScorpioScorpio: Minor disagreements with your nearest and dearest are likely to have you feeling rather hemmed in today. You will certainly need your space, and given that you won’t be feeling in a very flexible mood you should postpone important decisions and spend the evening chilling!
Your lucky number for today is 2.
SagittariusSagittarius: A couple of negative aspects affecting your ruling planet suggest that you’re going to be very easily distracted today. The lack of focus will fade tomorrow, but in the meantime keeping a piece of smoky or clear quartz (or both!) will help you keep your mind on things!
Your lucky number for today is 28.
CapricornCapricorn: Like a couple of other signs today money will be your main source of concern. Any business deals or financial transactions should be postponed for today, however minor those deals or plans are. Give yourself some breathing space in order to double check everything before signing on any dotted lines!
Your lucky number for today is 24.
AquariusAquarius: Just like a couple of other signs today you’d do best to postpone certain decisions, but in your case those decisions will revolve around romance! Whether someone is pressing you for an answer or you’re whether you’re waiting for someone to make their mind up just stay calm and patient!
Your lucky number for today is 20.
PiscesPisces: Your planet is no longer moving backwards, and thanks to a very positive aspect from the moon you’ll be able to cope with today’s more challenging moments, which are likely to come in the form of problems at work or school. Look beneath the apparent surface of the problem to sift out the real cause!
Your lucky number for today is 15.