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24.05.2015, Sunday
AriesAries: With the moon moving into your second (money) house youíll be in the mood for some spending. Although cash matters are looking stable youíd be well advised to take a trusted friend to the mall, someone whoíll be happy to stop you buying something that youíll only want to return at a later date!
Your lucky number for today is 1.
TaurusTaurus: For much of the day youíll continue to be affected by the strong influence of the moon, but because it moves into your sign youíll start reaping the benefits. Less scatty and much more grounded youíll be in the mood for those little things that make life great: good food, good company, and good music will keep you happy!
Your lucky number for today is 27.
GeminiGemini: This might not be one of your better days. Still, with a little positive thinking youíll be able to lessen those challenging influences. Both Mars and Venus will cause those minor irritations, and a clingy individual could test your patience today. However, blue laced agate and rose quartz will soften your mood no end.
Your lucky number for today is 22.
CancerCancer: If a couple of friends proved to be invaluable yesterday now is the time to show your appreciation. A positive aspect between the sun and the moon will lift your spirits and your capacity for fun, so gather your friends and arrange a fun evening, but just keep an eye on the spending!
Your lucky number for today is 3.
LeoLeo: A fairly relaxed and balanced day for you is likely to end on a positive note today! Thanks to a positive aspect between the sun and the moon you are going to be both charming and bubbly! In terms of romance itís looking like you canít go wrong, although the position of Mercury suggests you still need to listen!
Your lucky number for today is 14.
VirgoVirgo: Like Gemini you could be in for a challenging day today. Both romance and friends could cause tensions, but not half as much as someone either trying to tease some information from you or trying to take up too much of your time. But count to ten before you react, because they could have something useful to say.
Your lucky number for today is 24.
LibraLibra: With the moon moving into Taurus youíre likely to become quite focused on the more material things in life today. Youíll be on the lookout for purchases and whether they are clothing or decorative items for the house, exotic styles reminiscent of far off places will appeal.
Your lucky number for today is 20.
ScorpioScorpio: Unusually youíll be in a soft and romantic mood today, thanks to the moon in Taurus. Attached Scorpios will prefer a cozy and sensual time with their partner, while singles will find that they should make the most of a sociable evening, and should be prepared for a little romance themselves!
Your lucky number for today is 16.
SagittariusSagittarius: Oh dear, Sagittarius, youíll find it difficult to keep on track today, and youíll tend to veer from one extreme to the other, confusing yourself as well as everyone around you. From money through to romance youíll keep changing your mind, although some clear quartz will help a little.
Your lucky number for today is 27.
CapricornCapricorn: It is highly likely that a dynamic friend (or even a family member) will try to persuade you to consider something that you wouldnít normally think about. Ask yourself whether itís common sense or if itís actually a lack of confidence holding you back, but donít agree just to keep the peace!
Your lucky number for today is 8.
AquariusAquarius: A family member is likely to irk you today, but youíll be able to let off some steam with the help of anything that allows you to express your opinion. Whether itís in the form of a heart-to- heart with a friend, or in the form of jotting down your thoughts you will calm down enough to tackle the problem.
Your lucky number for today is 3.
PiscesPisces: Someone close to you is probably going to push their luck with you today, so if you start to feel as though youíre being taken for granted a little donít be afraid to voice your concerns. You have the upper hand and youíll have your famed intuition guiding you too!
Your lucky number for today is 14.